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Jake’s Passion!

Let me start by saying – I’m sorry to all of you who don’t live in Palm Springs at the moment! Of course I won’t be apologizing this summer when it’s 115f – but I will be writing this post while floating in the pool! Well, maybe not writing it, but at least thinking about what I need to write… maybe I’ll call it poolside chatter… anyway I digress.

I’m sitting at the kitchen bar watching a HUGE pot of slow cooking spaghetti sauce bubbling away on the stove. We started the pot around 10AM, and hope to enjoy it tonight after it’s had sufficient time to evolve into slow cooked harmony! This glorious pot of comfort is the result of my early cooking endeavors. It was the first serious thing I cooked some 25 years ago after interviewing every Italian cook I knew. I spent about a month researching techniques, and different philosophies on the perfect slow cooked sauce – hot sausage, sweet sausage, carrots for added sweetness, etc. If you want to know more let me know, because that’s not what today’s post is about!

Today is about Jake’s Passion! All 750ml of Jake’s Passion. Well maybe not exactly 750ml, but almost (also have to allow room for ice). You see, I have these huge, big-bowled wine glasses that will hold an entire bottle of wine in one glass! Yes, that amounts to 750ml in one glass. Needless to say, I generally don’t use these glasses for wine, but rather, for bread sticks, crudites, etc. That is, until now. As I write this post, (along with watching my glorious pot of slow-cooking sauce) I’m enjoying a tall glass of Jake’s Passion in my 750ml glass! It’s sitting at arm’s reach as I type, in all it’s glorious layered colors, with little drops of cold condensation sliding down the outside of the glass.  So, to brighten up your day (assuming you need it – and if you’re weathering the severe winter storms in the south-east, YOU do!!!) I’m including the recipe for this marvelous concoction created by my dear Jake!

Jake’s Passion


  • Equal parts Amaretto, Southern Comfort, Vodka and Orange Juice.
  • Splash of Rose’s Grenadine
  • Maraschino Cherries


Mix Amaretto, Southern Comfort, Vodka, and OJ, pour over ice, add Rose’s Grenadine – this will settle on the bottom and create beautiful color layers to the drink. Finish with Maraschino Cherries.

Oh, gotta go, the sauce needs stirring!!!

PS: My glass is almost empty, and I’m feel light and giddy, it must be A-Ha playing on the stereo!!!

PSS: Sorry for the multiple run-on sentences, I can’t help myself!


Sip into the perfect friday night!

Have you ever found yourself at the end of a long week feeling giddy when it’s finally nearing an end? Duh, of course you have!!!

Today is Friday, and for most of us, the weekend is brief and precious at the same time. It’s like we work all week, and once Friday night arrives, we have to figure out what we can do that matches the feeling of “finally, the week is over!”

Well, I’m not normally a cocktail person – excluding the perfect martini, manhattan, or foamy/fuzzy cocktail I can’t remember the name of – but on Friday night after a long week, nothing sounds better than something in an icy glass that’s been measured, shaken and poured into a pretty little cocktail glass. Be it a tumbler, martini, or flute I’m holding, that first sip is so good, it reminds me/us that we’ve made it – that we have time to let go, be indulgent, do something totally self-serving. Even if we have a commitment laden weekend looming, that Friday night cocktail gives us pause… a moment to simply sip, and surrender to the bliss of the moment… at least that’s the best way to explain how it makes me feel! Add a bowl of chips and salsa, or a piece of cheese and some crackers and WOW…

So, it’s mid-winter, for most of us (well maybe not those of us in Southern California) the winter chill is ever present, take a moment, make yourself that perfect cocktail (even if it’s just cranberry and soda in a pretty glass), sit back and let it all go for a moment… recharge, re-invigorate, restore your wit! We only have this life once… and it’s ours, good, bad, or indifferent!

Here’s to you, and whatever you plan to sip tonight! Oh, and forgive me all the run-on sentences in this post, I can’t help it, it’s the way I talk… write… emote… oh, you get the point!

BTW – I’d love to know what your perfect Friday sip is???

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