Friday, Madonna and Cranium enhancement!

I’m a bad blogger… AGAIN! I guess I need to start drinking and cooking more for added inspiration! But on a positive note, today’s Friday and for most of us this means the end of a busy week. I’m doing something crazy on my Friday night… I’m heading out to an uber swanky bar at 10PM to listen (and presumably view on large video screens) the new Madonna album. I didn’t used to be a big fan of hers, but I’ve come to truly love her music. Plus she’s older than me by one year, and looks fantastic… inspiration enough to love her if you ask me. How this relates to food or wine, or living well is beyond me. But in honor of my mission, here goes. Madonna, like any true artist who’s stood the test of time, tends to conjure up a time and place with each song archived in our cranium. Generally these times and places involve some sort of eating or imbibing. Take tonight for example, when I look back on this and hear a song from this album that connected for me, it will also take me back to the event. Probably how I felt at the time, what I looked like, who I was with, and what I ate and drank.

To this day, when I hear Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, I think of the time I was sitting in my first car – a 1975 Plymouth Fury painted baby puke yellow that I referred to it as my golden fury. I was in the parking lot of a small dysfunctional pentecostal church , resisting the pressure to come inside and join the motley choir of 10 faithful church members. The song blasted on my 8 track player…. hmmm, must have been around 1977, or 78, and it was summer. Every time I hear that song it takes me right back to that moment in time – and for the record, I was eating a large order of Tastee Freeze fries with a shake; my friend Tim was in the car with me, also resisting the pressure to sing in the choir – and his mom was the choir director!

I bet you have a similar story. Maybe it’s time for a new one. Maybe you’ll find the time to live well tonight. Maybe you’ll go, hear a song from a favorite artist and connect it to the moment. Maybe it will be a source of fond memories for you for many years to come. Let me know how yours turns out, I’ll let you know about mine too!


1 Response to “Friday, Madonna and Cranium enhancement!”

  1. March 5, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    I love her… and gawd you write well.

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