I’m BAD!!! And I’m Glad…

Today is supposed to be about gnocchi, but I’ve been running around like a silly man all day in a new toy! So, I guess you could say, today is about living well.

I could have foregone my fun, and buckled down, typed in my recipe, uploaded the amazing photo Jake Sutter took, and viola – a gnocchi blog done! But instead, I’ve lived well, shrugged off my gnocchi promise. It’s next I promise.

We all (I’m talking to you) need to do this from time to time. We need to climb into an adorable, super fun new convertible, put the top down and cruise all over town… no, let me rephrase that “zip furiously all over town”. We need to tear up the streets, looking for that elusive corner to scream around at crazy high speeds, and squeal in the thrill of it! Of course, this has to be done with rain spitting on us in the open air,  threatening a deluge at any moment. We also need to care less if everyone sharing the road sees us as a stereotype! Stormy day, cold wind, brand new car, top down, driving like it’s an Indy 500 course!

Go ahead, life is too short, what are you waiting for! Let me know what you shrugged off today, it’ll help me feel less guilty… OH, WAIT – I don’t feel guilty, and neither should you!!!


2 Responses to “I’m BAD!!! And I’m Glad…”

  1. February 27, 2010 at 5:54 pm

    We are having so much fun today.

  2. 2 Andy R
    February 27, 2010 at 11:31 pm

    I have been driving my convertible rain or shine (top up on the rain though) and love the hell outts’ that car! Drifting wet or dry, driving the crap out of it!!! Keep the rubber side down and the sun at your back!

    ~ Andy

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