If the rocks could speak.

One of the important aspects of living well, is living in the moment. Sometimes a moment presents itself when you least expect it. Sometimes it’s carefully planned and then left to instinct for execution. At other times it calls for attention in the simple unsuspecting images.

So many things we take for granted become special moments when we’re present; when we will ourselves to interact with our surroundings with fresh awareness. Take for instance a bowl of cherries. They can be used in so many ways, bake a pie, freeze into sorbet, reduce in a sumptuous demi-glace to drizzle over your favorite roasted meat, or sometimes, simply washed, plucked from a bowl and eaten as-is. Imagine allowing the juicy sweet flavor to tantalize your taste buds with its beauty. If you’re smart, you’ll stop what you’re doing, eat that cherry, and be grateful that it can bring you so much pleasure with no embellishments nor culinary manipulations.

Or how about the next time you plan a road trip (short or long) with your love.  Include a chilled bottle of sparkling wine, two champagne flutes and the will to pause your trip at that perfect moment. Don’t worry about when it will happen, just wait until it’s right. It could be a roadside rest area, it could be a detour on an unknown road along your route, or it could be on top of a pile of rocks you’ve had to scramble to while juggling the bottle and flutes. The important thing is to take the moment and live it fully!

Maybe the moment is in the middle of a bustling city. Maybe it’s the discovery of rain washed flowers discovering the sun after a storm; maybe it’s some crazy image that catches your fancy – some architectural image most pass right by. The important thing is to stop, look, feel – let it speak to you; pause your purpose, experience the moment.

Our current world is crazy, confused, distressed, and anxious. Find a moment, let it center you. I’d love to hear about one of yours, be it food, wine, or a piece of broken glass catching the sun just right!


1 Response to “If the rocks could speak.”

  1. 1 askstanford
    January 29, 2010 at 4:39 am

    This blog is so joyful! Thank you!

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